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How do you people sleep at night?

Do you have a conscious or a a heart. UPPER MANAGEMENT broke this company. It's beyond fixing. Call Peter Francis Geraci cause youre going down. The trip to orlando should be cancelled unless it's a venue to tell everyone the company is gone. Mismanagement at its finest. You are role models for how NOT to run anything in the education field.

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They don't care, their positions are safe.
Their giant paychecks come every 2 weeks.
They are good.

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Manager also no longer at Wheaton.

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What did President Obama say? The white man's greed runs a world in need.
When MLS was CEO of Follett, she said her one job was to make Follett stock more valuable.
The Family was happy to listen to all the brilliant ideas of their senior management like DG - we will lay off all the full time long term employees (that know the business) and hire a bunch of part timers (that know nothing about the business) and better serve our customers. Like he did at d—s and Sears. Family liked that, lower payroll, bigger dividends. Yeah!
It's a dying business. If they had done nothing in 2013, no 50 million remodel of someone else's property - no ADC (screwed on the KIVA's eh?) and just let attrition reduce staff the business would be in a much better place. And all the pain they caused loyal dedicated long term employees. YES, they were employees and had no RIGHT to a job. We get it. You're rich but you are not smart.

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