Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

How do you take a stock from $20 to a $1?

Explain this to me please... Once we go under a buck, we'll get delisted...

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Answer- Get Dikless, Patsy, Krummy, Lispy, Better Call Saul, and the Blob to manage your $3.6B company. Hire [SCRATCH OFF HERE] and [SCRATCH OFF HERE] and [SCRATCH OFF HERE] and [SCRATCH OFF HERE] to handle the due diligence on CBI. Mistreat your best and brightest so they go somewhere not sh–y.
And pay Retention Bonuses to these As* Clowns and all the other greedy useless rank & files wh*res at the company. And voila! You have a $182M company. Sound simple? But better move fast if you want to catch that falling knife! Soon it will be a $0 company!

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At the moment it's only a 96 cent stock.

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