Thread regarding Avaya layoffs

When is the Avaya big kahuna gonna hit the bricks?

Read an article last week titled “Why the Best CEOs Are Already Thinking about their Exists”

Made me think: when will the worst performing ceo ever finally move on earth is this guy still allowed to peddle his utter nonsense. How many execs is he gonna hire, park on the shelf, and then filet them go?

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Layoffs are imminent, my best guess within 60 days. Product sales and service contract revenues are trending down, cloud story is without a future. Perhaps, the execs will consider selling IP Office portfolio to make sure there's enough cash in the bank to pay themselves a big fat bonus for their counter performances. Word of advice, start looking for work before the ?hit hits the fan!

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After NY meeting mid October, news brewing is that SVP of R&D is out before end of Q1. JCs revolving doors of senior executives never ends. Good on those execs, they come in for 6-12 months with a hefty sign in bonus and leave with a brilliant exit package 😜

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