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Top to bottom this article is a crock of S*°T
This woman will destroy GM.
It one big finger pointing article geared toward an odd unnecessary agenda, let's cloud people with BS and redirect them from the truth.
We care about the product Mary and the final result of the product, NOT your political ideas or you're "feelings". The customer that walks into the dealership dosent care about any of this c-ap, a slate for diversity, What! GM had plenty of diversity and talent, most of them are leaving in droves because they aren't comfortable with you and what your direction is, which is very vague. Shift you're focus to the vehicle you sell and enough already with the noncence you spew.

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Yes top to bottom that article and most mainstream news articles are total crocks of brainwashed progressive propaganda bs.–ler-robot-and-social-economics-wokeness-daniel-greenfield/

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Here is a great editorial about what's really going on with corporate wokeness.–ler-robot-and-social-economics-wokeness-daniel-greenfield/

Mary and the woke ones making the risky gambit to go triple zero and ditch meritocracy to promote women and the alphabet people can stand behind "doing the right thing" and moral superiority when that risky gambit fails. And it has already failed.

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