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All these people complain asking for unions, not realizing how they work or what they do.

Have fun getting a sizable portion of your check taken out while not getting any sort of tangible outcome. Then this forum will be filled with people complaining that they’re paying for nothing.

Unions work for skilled trades, of which this is not. Look at Disney, employees there still get the shaft and aren’t in much of a better position. They know that once somebody leaves, there’s another able-body to take that space.

Don’t like the job, leave it. But why don’t we get this forum back to basics and talk about lay-off and other company rumors.

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Too late for a Union now. Should have done it a year or two ago before they did away with everyone's vacation and other benefits. SeaWorld has always been on the low end of the pay scale but the benefits were good and it was a great place to work. All of it is gone now.

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We are losing out anyway, we are not gaining anything, so I would rather pay a union and have a voice then keep getting screwed over.

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The GM does not run the park— they make decisions based on what worked at the last park they were at. They constantly inspect the freaking storage and back areas but rarely venture into the park

Senior leaders do not run the park— they implement the decisions made by the GM. They talk out of both sides of their mouths. They blame everything on poor training and the supervisors.

Managers do not run the park — they bully and intimidate Supervisors constantly and jump to conclusions without having the whole story. The practice favoritism and make your job harder rather than guide you or God forbid assist you. They want to know why you were over by .25 hours last week when they 100% know it’s because you had 5 call ins and some people had to stay late. They want you to run a haunted house with 4 people and no overtime but they themselves only work maybe one weekend out of the entire event.

Supervisors and frontline employees run the parks. They work long hours for little pay and instead of being praised by a manager for doing so much with short staff, slashed line schedules, poor working conditions, lack of proper tools to do the job right, etc...
they are grilled over a .25 hour overage and a pan and broom being left in the wrong spot.

In the past 5 years it has steadily gotten worse and worse by the hour.

My 30 plus years of service and sacrifice means absolutely nothing to anyone and my leaving will barely even be noticed. I know how good this park can be, all of us do. It’s so sad what has become of it. All good things must come to an end.

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Over half of Disney employees are represented by unions. About 38,000 just saying... just negotiated mandatory 15.00 minimum wage. I’m sure you are a “pencil pusher” who has no idea what it takes to run a park on the front lines... just saying

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