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Anyone knows if Targa may be doing layoffs soon? Look at Q3 2019 earnings recently released.

Too many employees in every department and not enough work and projects in the horizon. Every VP, SR. VP who started with Targa or came on board shortly after has either been let go, force into retirement or had first hand inside information and schedule their retirement in advance. Those still left are in it for themselves and do not care about anyone but themselves. Even the previous CEO Joe Bob Perkins who now happens to be on the Board of Directors all the sudden stepped down from the CEO position. Investors & partners should really start looking closer at what is truly going on at Targa. One thing I was told when I first started with the company was "Never ever go to and report anything about anyone at high levels because you will be gone". How true it is as I have witness it myself over the years. I would surely not invest without looking at Targa's future a lot closer.

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Very true. Newer executives are unproven, inept, shortsighted.

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How true. Makes you wonder what is next?

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