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GoFensive - Revving up the PR Spin Machine

What's with all of the current articles about GF "knocking it out of the park" post-pivot. It seems like they have a new PR firm that is winding up the spin machine into overdrive. WSJ? It seems like the new tack is the "advertorial".

Here's a couple from recent days:

The first one is real confusing It talks about 12LP+ as the next big thing and it is built on the "mature" 12LP technology so customers can use their existing designs - did I miss something or did I sleep for 2 years and 12LP is now mature? It also makes some convoluted claim that 12LP+ is equivalent to 7LP.
(sorry GF censors you put the story out so can't claim proprietary info on this one.)

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They're trying to put lipstick on the pig. How many times have they said IPO now? It's the end of the road and mgmt knows it.

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They need an IPO to run through other people's money, so they are trying to advertise. I seriously hope no one believes the hype.

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They're trying to will their hype into reality. Ain't gonna work.

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