Thread regarding Riverbed Technology Inc. layoffs

What is being sold?

Predictions? Aternity formally spun off, no longer a Division of RIverbed? A Large networking company scoops up what is left and buys OEM partner as well? Seems like SFO is ready for another RIF or buy out.
Thoughts? Predictions? Wishful thinking?

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Glad you asked! Free snacks and drinks. Good benefits. Great work/life balance.

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How about starting with the Human Experience of Riverbed Employees???

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"customers buy business outcomes - not products."

Spoken like a genuine sales training weenie who has never sold a damn thing in its life.

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Let's not lose sight that customers buy business outcomes - not products. It's all about enhancing The Human Experience. And Digital Transformation is what's driving The Human Experience.

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My idea:

  1. Conduct a safety drill at HQ. Everyone participates - no exceptions.
  2. Have all the employees standing outside count off: 1-2-3,1-2-3, etc.
  3. RIF all the 3s
  4. Repeat every Monday morning until earning targets are met
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sell pieces to smaller PEs.
SH is good tech in dead market
Aternity is dead tech in good market. Aternity marketing is 5 years ahead of engineering. good luck with that.

SC is a joke.

stop dreaming about getting bought by real companies.

TB will keep s—ing a good percentage out of EBITDA. That's why the company has to operate above certain EBITDA even that means rounds and rounds of layoffs -to keep TB profitable. No one gives a sh– about developing the company. rvbds just a old dying cow being milked to the last once, then butchered for steaks.

Riverbed is dead. stop dreaming.

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Uh, there’s nothing else left worth a p–p to be sold.

If you’ve learned anything from the past years, Riverbed bought a ton of supposedly good tech but didn’t know it’s mouth from it’s anus, so Riverbed f—ed them and itself.

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