Thread regarding PerkinElmer Inc. layoffs

More redundancies

it looks like there will be more than 30 redundancies on the Turku site in Finland
there were about 50 in Shelton, and about 100 in total in the US, CA and in recent months

Reposted from a reply in another thread on top for important info. The original poster is @10qOp0rn-Ncyq.

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What a joke PerkinElmer is...they have terminally aging sales people in the late 60's and still selling and have no formal chemistry background. One manager in the late 60's got offered a severance/retirement package and didn't take it. Instead, that manager got offered a "free get out of jail" card because of +45 years tenure with the company but demoted to a sales rep. and had to lay-off a sales rep. in the same territory that actually was "k–ling it" at the quota. Shameless....absolutely shameless that a company would allow that to happen.....let them retire already!!!!

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