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They were the worst of times, they were the best of times

This one is more of a whimsical, nostalgia-type thing ~ ~ ~

Anyone here work for Walmart back in the late 90s/early 2000s? I started in 2001 as a GM unloader. We'd come in at 4 p and were scheduled til 1 a, but in reality it was until we were dismissed, like school children (or indentured servants).
In off season we'd get in 2–3 trucks / per night; around the holidays it'd be double that. This was with a crew of 5–7 of us. Re mix wasn't around yet, so all consumables were on the GM trucks....and the amount of pallets for #9, #13 and #4 were staggering. I rememeber one night hauling out 15 pallets of paper goods alone.
Again, leaving time was 1 a, but between the short staffing, crazy amount of freight, and an o.n. manager who held us hostage to run her crew's stock (while they all took multiple c-gare–e and coffee breaks), it wasn't uncommon to stagger out of there at 4 am. .... I remember being constantly starving, bone weary and hurting worse than a retired NFL player.

I included ' was the best of times' in the title because, compared to today's Walmart scheduling, we were filthy RICH in available hours. The trick wasn't getting enough time in—it was in getting the hell OUT of there! Because of that, I think the best part of my whole experience in that otherwise miserable 'job', was gaining for the first time in my life a sense of comaraderie, of teamship, with my fellow unloaders. I and everyone I was on that crew with are long gone from Walmart, but some of us still stay in contact, even after all those years ago. We still trade funny 'remember when??' memories. Bad as it seemed at the time, working as a Walmart unloader was kinda like those old Peace Corp. commercials: 'It's the toughest job you'll ever love!'

So: Any of you have any similar stories, or memories, or just thoughts to share on this?

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Yeah I used to do that to. At one point they tried switching up the schedule, making it 2:30 p to 11 p. Nights about lost there minds, especially mgmt (like what OP was talking about, re. doing there work for them). So that didn't last long. I hated every minute of that s— a– job and transfered as soon as I could. 2 others followed me out and then they locked it all down, NOBODY was able to switch out, you'd have to quit or get fired. I'm in grocery these days but they float me where ever. It's getting grim around there. Mgmt won't tell us anything but they always got a look of f—in doom on there face. Thinkin of going back to college for something, but I don't know what in. My grades never were very good and I'm already 29, so I dunno.

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Yes, I remember all that too. Pulling half ton pallets of water and pet food across .25 mile of sales floor, stupid customers jumping in front of you to ask questions or just wouldnt get the hell out of the way. And that thing of bring made to stay over all hours of the night, they fired me after I walked out one night. My kid was a baby then and the sitter was tired of having to wait for me and threatened to quit. F— that unloading job and f— walmart too, while we're at it :) These days I'm a software engineer. Until I saw this post I hadn't thought about all that unloader stuff in years, thanks for the throw back

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Wow, that was awesome man. I was a unloader for a long time to and it was a lot like you said, a real love-hate kind of thing! Very glad when I finally got out of there but I made some cool friends for life. X 0

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