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Yes, there is a problem with ADP's management

Employees go in and out of this company like through a revolving door and management is powerless to stop that. Employees are expected to "get with the program" but the company only offers low wages and little incentive for workers to try to succeed.

Management has to work to earn respect, loyalty, and credibility among its employees, and is not entitled to them automatically as it seems to expect. Since management does not want to work at this and make ADP a great place to work, then it gets unmotivated and disaffected workers who don't stay long.

Excellent post from @11cOcelt-lwf.

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sounds like ADP has become a true employee's house of horrors! ugh! so sad. It was such a good place to work.

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The fish rots from the head! Nuff said!

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The OP said that managers protect employees on this thread? Um, no. Not on this thread. You may have posted your answer on the wrong thread.

But what you say is true. From my experience managers don't protect the workers under them. They are under the thumb of upper management who run things their way.

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Puh-leez! ADP's management is now almost all terrible. It has become riddled with in-effective "promote the narrative" friends who are committed to help sell the lie. Look at almost any of them now and try to list any real accomplishments they personally made - you can't!

And look at Carlos whose parents came to America illegally: he has c-apped on everyone for his own personal ego. I personally know of a half dozen families who have been completely destroyed emotionally and financially (and will almost certainly never recover) at the hands of his grand scheme which is founded in corruption with Boston Consulting Group.

Do your homework before you say managers are try to protect anyone! They are in the game of lies for their own selfish needs. And lastly, Human Resources at ADP is now run by a completely non-American group of people who certainly do not have American workers interests in mind!

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