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Who will think of the poor VPs?

Wow, what a monumental announcement they just made. There’s likely to be hundreds of people laid off in the next month. And it now looks like a whopping 3 of them will be VP level or higher. It is a New Devon, after all. I just pray we can survive going from 26 VPs down to 23. I mean, what are we running, 15 drilling rigs? We need every VP we can get.

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What’s going to happen to that f— face, DH, is my question. That guy wouldn’t know a good business decision if it punched him in the face.

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I think the master chief position will be created for each division to laterally move each VP to an equal-pay position removing their direct reports and simultaneous keeping the remaining floors occupied. Finally, a solution to meet the previously unreleased vision 2020 goal of 1:1 toilet:manager+ in downtown OKC’s, gem DEC.

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