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We completely failed at back to school, one of our core businesses, with the total mess that was Omni Pack and Hold, and now we’re betting the farm on octogenarians, who don’t know how to turn on their flip phones, signing up for an electronic membership that they wouldn’t know how to use. We’ve decided in our region that the registry business, another core business, is no longer of value to us. What’s next, discontinuing pillows and pads? We’ve made no attempt to stop our customers from leaving for Target, Walmart, IKEA, and Amazon Basics. Our advertising budget consists of ribbons on our name tags to tell people we have furniture (but not in stores). Oh, and a cringe-worthy “Haha, Millennials are stupid” online ad, great idea when you’re trying to attract younger customers to secure your company’s future. Did you not pay attention to those “Millennials are putting this and this company/industry out of business?” We’re still trying to chase customers out of the stores and on to the Beyond store. We have people coming into the store to complain that we signed them up for a $29 membership, and then started inundating them with paper 20% off entire purchase coupons. This local news website keeps running stories that all stores in our state are closing, and the radio stations have been parroting it all over the place. Corporate’s response? Silence, and we know they’ve seen the articles. We can hope all we want that they’ll get their s*** together, but it ain’t happening. A membership program aimed at a customer base that we don’t have, and a credit card that offers no perks will not save this company. Sure, the old leadership had their heads up their asses, at this point in time we have to say the same about the current leadership, and so seriously doubt we’ll see any positive change from any future leadership. I’ve worked for companies that have gone out of business or ended up being purchased and stripped for parts by venture capitalists, and all this feels eerily familiar.

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