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The State of Tesla and a Winter Layoff

I automatically assumed that Giga 3 will be profitable. Due to margins being surgically removed by Elon, maybe it won't be. Regardless, it's not likely that a full production quarter will ensue until Q2 2020.

After a judge ruled that Elon broke labor laws a few different ways, expect that to embolden union organizers within the Fremont factory, and Giga 2. It will also cause MGMT to be skittish about repeating the past illegal actions. I believe the result will be a unionized Fremont plant and a unionized Giga 3 by 2021.

Expect a 1000% layoff increase for salaried at Giga 1, compared with the layoffs last Autumn and winter.. Elon has fired all he can at corporate, Fremont, and a few other Tesla outlets. All that is left is a bloated Giga 1 that needs all its cheap hourly labor to continue to produce battery packs for cars. It barely is able to give Fremont the battery packs it needs, as it is.

There is no doubt in my mind that Tesla will show annual net losses in 2020 and 2021 unless Fiat Chrysler and GM pay 2 billion in carbon credit fees in that span.

I don't believe Tesla will be consistently profitable until 2025, right about the time that 12-14 billion dollars in debt is due.

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Fire all salary employees at Gigafactory 1
Replace them with construction crews and watch EVERYTHING improve. One construction worker can coordinate and delegate what 5 current salary employees do, and do it so much more efficiently and effectively. They can actually fix things too.

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Hopefully, where we heard the names of a few that sit behind a desk, and a few that stand behind a desk (playing on laptops all day and talking about their personal endeavors) getting fired, this time it will be 70 instead of 7.

Former Fremont salaried and saleswomen that got fired would be furious if they knew how few useless salaried at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada got a free pass all throughout the last year's layoffs. They think they are invincible, and they treat most workers and their very few responsibilities accordingly. It's so demoralizing, especially to those hordes that came so far just for an average 15.50 – 17/hour job.

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