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Thank You Sprint For Accusing Me of Internal Fraud

I was recently fired via Corporate Security on their lack of investigation, from what was stated by the SM, two consultants in the store were committing internal fraud and was (basically) doing theft by conversion. I was accused of helping the individuals because of my role, as an ASM.
One, I don’t steal. Two, Corp Security never took the time to fully investigate the situation.
Sprint pretty much lost a good employee who stood by their side even when their coverage was wack and bribing people over. I guess that’s what happens when you’re being “nice” and doing your job.

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so they were doing fraud (2 employees) and you were completely unaware of it? i would've fired you to for not figuring it out sooner. i'm pretty sure the investigation proved some type of ignorance on your behalf. its your job to make sure the employees are following protocols. if this was going on for months i'm pretty sure it caused a lot of losses and disgruntled customers. next time you are given responsible role don't be so oblivious to whats going on your watch.

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Get a lawyer who specializes in this area if you feel you were fired without cause. Companies would rather pay up for the wrongful termination than go to court.

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