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SARC CPU had it coming for long while...

Weak managers and political technical leads, trivial innovation, not great execution, layers over layer of big undeserved hierarchies, not a lot to actually do per person, over-sized, political game of throne division culture.

SARC CPU were offered the ‘deal’ to have to stay until end of October to receive ANY severance.

Just after that, the ‘surely certain’ big layoffs will happen.

Who ever survives the slaughter, gets ‘guaranteed’ full benefits until year’s ends (wow 2 months more of chaos!) then who knows.

SAMSUNG will be dropping development of custom ‘not good enough’ cores and back to only ARM hardening.

Good job QUALCOMM! Other companies around reaching out fast to save the very few good engineers.

Many actively searching, interviewing, networking.

Their remaining GPU and SOC team absorbing partial fallout personnel.

CPU has no project to work toward right now.

The management and leads have run the place to the ground and p-ss-d off their Korean overlords.

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Total agree with the article. Too much politics plus managers have little technical knowledge have bought down the organization

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Completely agree with the article. Very mediocre team led by incompetent leads and very political managers. It was impossible for smart, talented innovative folks to survive in this company. Unless an organization strives for excellence, such an end is inevitable.

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This is complete c-ap. Anyone who ever worked at SARC knows that it was a special place, with a world-class team. Business decisions drove this. Whoever wrote this is likely a disgruntled wannabe.

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Not surprising. ARM CPU are good enough and even Qualcomm uses them instead of designing their own. Return on Investment is not good. Some may get hired by ARM!

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i was in the GPU group /san jose and got laidoff in June :)

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