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40 Years at Kroger

I spent 40 years as a Store Mgr with Kroger.

I had some wonderful supervisors in that time span.

I had some wonderful employees in that time span.

And yes, I was forced to tolerate some of both that did not deserve to breath air.

But overall, I have no major regrets.

What really put me over the edge at the end was the fact that the company's path was that it wanted a checklist, clipboard- carrying robot to manage a multi-million dollar business.

Not for me bud.

I have too much pride in my years of experience and decision-making ability.

Someone told me something along the way.

The good people that left Kroger had two things in common...1) none have starved to death and 2) they are happier than they have been in their life.

There is something to this.

My stock options are gone so let the crumbs fall where they may but I think this move will be the demise.

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Just let go after 20+ years after missing holidays, my children’s’ milestones, and numerous events that I very much wanted to attend. I d–g myself into work sick, injured, and exhausted, only calling out 3 days in those 20 years. And all I was told was that it was “restructuring”. Not performance. Or missing goals. They know it wasn’t.

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The OP post and the other posts here point out WHY Kroger is doing some of what they are doing - gradually getting back to what he points out they lost. Let the store managers run the stores. To much micromanaging, bloated oversight etc etc.. which has been unprofitable.

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The day the union agreed to let dept managers "cover" for store management is the day store management should have seen this coming. Having 3-4 managers in a store with a complete laisses-faire approach to management is the second cause. About time. Those wages are better used if reinvested into "line" folks.

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I used to tell everyone we stopped selling groceries about 5 years ago because we were so worried about these stupid clip boards. We would manage reports instead of our stores. The main problem I see is that they are keeping the ones that had their nose so far up the DM’s butt, I feel bad for anyone that is still working for them. Line employees watch out they’ll be coming after you next.

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I agree about the robot clipboard managers. It’s really bad when we were told exactly where to be at a specific time every day. No room for wiggle room. No room to run our stores. Checklists for checklists. I’m lucky. I left in July and landed with a company that gets it. I was never treated this well with Kroger. I really expect that this is the end. Sold or merged. Something is going down.

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All do cut hours in stores and want more out people then u gey wrote up if ur dept falls a little bit there to many upper management not enough workers or hour in stores

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