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Sur-prise. Sur-prise! SUR-PRISE!

Go-o-o-o-llee, Goober, it's been a whole year, to the day, since Mr. Moody told you what was coming:

"Triton's B3 Corporate Family Rating reflects the expectation of continuing revenue declines, challenges of setting the company up as a stand­alone entity while reducing the cost structure and negative initial cash flow. We expect revenue declines to continue over the next couple years as declines persist in subscriber fees, middleware, and video processing. We expect management to expand margins through substantial cost cutting initiatives including centralizing the research and development workforce and reducing investment in video processing and cloud development businesses."

So tell me Goober, why are you surprised folks are being disappeared? Are you worried you're next? Will you be surprised? Are you in R&D (whatever that means)? Are you in Video Processing or Cloud? Are you trying to sell post-theft piracy services with the albatross of content protection that fails MovieLabs Reqs hanging around your neck? Is it hard to sell anything when everyone knows you're not going to be around in a few years? Gosh Goober, are you doing anything that makes enough money to pay your own salary? Is there anything you possibly could do?

If not you, then who is? Folks maintaining smart cards? Maybe. Do you or your team provide "services" to a customer with no choice because their owner owns a slice of Synamedia? What if you're in RDK Syndication. That might last. Otherwise you might want to go back to Wally's and beg to get your old job back. Full service gas stations will never go away.

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This company screwed up at the onset by backing leaderless management who do not know how to lead. They stabbed people in the back, colluded, and set the stage for themselves. Anyone they were scared of they worked together to get rid of. Leaderless cowards who built their careers on the backs of others. Pathetic company they are driving into the ground.

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I'm really wondering what starting this particular thread brings to the table ?
I think nothing.

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@11llcWKe Wow, that’s a very nice way of saying “if you don’t like it you can leave”... bravo

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