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Share the facts

It's one thing to share details of this situation on this forum. Remember to additionally continue to share this situation with friends and family members. This will allow them to make an educated decision about continuing the support a company with such poor personal practices.

With as many open positions within Kroger the decision to terminate employment was purely one based projected profits.

Kroger has wasted more money in the last 3 years that would pale in comparison to what they think they will save with these terminations; click list, scan-bag-go, stock buy backs, selling profitable assets, 8451 (if 8451s data is so great why are sales so poor?) and many more.

Keep the story alive....don't let pass into last weeks news.

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You are spot on... keep this front and center... but reality is as the days pass and we resume our lives this will be nothing but a memory. Sad? Yes... but reality...
there is nothing wrong with Kroger getting rid of positions that are non essential... and cutting labor whether at store level or district, division or general office is the most expeditious way to help support profitability... what is truly maddening is this was a problem of the executives own making... each store pays a percentage of the cost to run the company... this number should be steady and unmoving and should only be increased in accordance with increase in sales that is sustained over a period of time.... next cuts should be assistant store managers... in my opinion no store should have more than 2 assistants ... unless it’s a super busy store with sales that surpass 2 million a week!!!

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