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Blind, Naive or Clueless?

I recall Pearson Management a few years back stating they didn't expect college kids to purchase used books when the truth was that college kids had been purchasing used books for many years. For goodness sake, if there is one thing kids will do is to save money to purchase beer.

Now, Management states they didn't expect the move to digital to occur so quickly. Hmm, digital convenience or physical bulky, manual inconvenience....

What will they miss next, Cengage's aggressive business nature, Google's foray into the Education Space, ???

Maybe I'm naive in believing that Management even cares?

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The company has a shortage of creative and forward thinking leaders from top to bottom. It’s stunning!

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Well, “not expecting the volume of used books” VS “student do not want used books,” is two entirely different statements. You’re confusing a forecasting statement. They are saying, “we didn’t expect the used book market to be as big or grow as fast as it did.” No need to put words in their mouths as they say enough stupid stuff on their own.

Again, not a fan at all of our leadership. Not 1 bit. But, this particular thread is stupid and just drumming up useless resentment.

There is plenty of resentment in all of our other blatant failures. Keep the train on the tracks.

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Guess you didn't attend the financial results meetings that Exec Management held around the US? It was at least a few years back. Sitting in a really nice ballroom listening to them state that they didn't expect the volume of used book sales. My 2 university kids had been buying used books for some time.

Saw this one the other day –

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A (nearly) 15 year publishing veteran here and I have never heard any management say students do not want used books. Ever.

Not a fan of our management at all, but this statement doesn’t make any sense.

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