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I worked for bbby for over a decade. The "NEW" ownership thinks they can save whats left of this company but they are mistaken. These are the reasons why: 1. There are way to many dusgruntled managers and staff that are making this train wreck move faster each day. 2. No competent manager will work for less then $20 an hour. The new structure will not work because you cannot pay your management so little. This will increase turnover. 3. BBBY model does not work anymore, there are way better options to shop. ( Amazon, wayfair, off price retailers etc.) 4. It comes down to one question. Why would anyone want to work for BBBY when everyone else is hiring and there not a total mess of a company. BBBY should have retained there talent before it all jumped ship. Sorry fellows but your ship has sailed. More store closures coming. More layoffs. Ive seen it before, thats why I left. Cheers

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Our new leadership have done nothing other than negotiate their golden parachutes. Nothing tangible that wasn’t already in the pipeline from the catastrophic days of the former CEO. Where are the changes? Where is the focus on new, high quality product? All that has come through our receiving doors has been the same old, low quality, cheap c-ap that no one wants and will rot on the shelf until we slap a clearance sticker on it. Departments are getting smaller and smaller, they starve the specialty departments of staff and resources, and then complain that they’re not making money and slash their size, or eliminate them entirely. We’ve all been giving 100%, but you can’t draw blood from a stone, and at this point it’s hard to not think that you’re being lied to when your managers are saying you’re not going to be one of the 60 stores closing this year. Maybe we’ll survive this year, but we won’t make it far into the next if things continue like they are. But the new board won’t care, they’ll get every penny of their exorbitant compensation when we’re being told we have to accept pay caps and there is no career path into management anymore. The fish rots from the head down, and when the fish has already rotted down to the bone it can’t be fixed by putting on a shiny new face mask, and that’s exactly what this new board is doing.

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Hopefully the new corporate leaders will think more about the company then their own greed. I live in fear everyday that I will be eliminated. But since I am still collecting a paycheck I give it my best. Who knows what retail will become in our ever changing world. Heads up, smiles bright. If you still believe in BBBB , give 100%.

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