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A messge to TIS Management on Perscriptive Leadership

From a book about military leadership...

A deterministic view often leads to centralized control. It is a recipie for micro management, stifling the initiative subordinates need to deal with inevitable uncertaincites. Overly perscriptive orders and plans inhibit a teams ability to cope with uncertainty and change. Eventually the team, inflexible and unable to adapt will be overhelmed by events.

This is happening in TIS: perscriptive leadership.

Act now before our projects fail, production support is further undermined, and employee engagement and initiative dry up completely. This isn't something that VR glasses can fix.

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Same here from GDS Scada project. We were given room by the business side and TIS to prove we are capable. Worked well. What project are you working on where you are not getting room to lead yourself?

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What projects are you talking about? I’m supporting Unify and not seeing this.

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TIS, IS, IT or my old favorite (MIS) seems to have always been a mess. Just about the time a/the "new system to solve our issues" and the users have figured out work arounds to get real information.and reports out of the system, someone decides to put in a new or upgraded system and the cycle repeats. TIS,s .main purpose seems to create work for TIS to do. Sort of like a fire fighter who is also an arsonist! This next new great system will create years of work for TIS.

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