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The dynamic in pharmacy has changed

The dynamic in pharmacy has changed considerably in the last 15 to 20 years.

Back then, the number of open positions far exceeded the number of pharmacists available to fill them.

Thus, salaries went up to attract new people to the company.

Today the opposite is true.

WalMart had an opportunity to treat their longtime staff with dignity and respect and adjust the wage offered across the board to reflect the new economic reality and let everybody make their own decision regarding their future with the company.

Nobody would like working for less, but it is simply supply and demand at work and they could make and own their choice at that point .

But instead, the company chose to axe their senior pharmacists who had served them so well for so long.

The company failed to recognize that the patrons of their pharmacies have formed a relationship with the individual pharmacists rather than the company and that many of them will leave when their pharmacist leaves.

Karma is hell.

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You make great, valid points and I so I don't mean to offend you in any way—but no company in this country will ever again value 'long term service and dedication'. If you're past forty and been on your job for twenty, you're nothing but a liability to your employers. They can bullsh!t all they want about 'Our employees are our GREATEST ASSETS!!!', but at this point I don't think ANY one is buying that any more.

Another reason domestic pharmacists are so easily replaced now is the gigantic imports of their Asian and Indian competitors. It's one of those things that should be100% illegal but isn't, and is going to only ramp up as time goes on, and it's not even new—America's business owners have been selling this country off, with permission from our politicians (on their payroll), for decades. Capitalism and free markets, the very cornerstones of what built the USA to begin with, are now strangling us to death.

I don't know the answers for long time pharmacists, other than maybe to find some niche; some marketable skills / advantages to stay competitive in their chosen field.

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