Thread regarding State Street Corp. layoffs

Is Channel Center the Boston version for JAB?

I think it might be. How is this not work related stress eligible for worker’s compensation? If you work in a hostile environment I’ve read that constant and impending layoffs are considered eligible.
We just heard we’re moving not sure where either new floor or CC. We’re client facing and still not safe. Big economic down turn on horizon in MA and no “leader” cares.

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It’s a job, of course you do what you’re told. Ffs, grow up.

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Thank you. It’s a little bit of a relief but adds to my commute but it’s better than a pink slip...for now
You hear about endless wars but we’re in an endless war for our jobs These layoffs need to end there has to be some respite. Please!

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CCB is a newer building. Better position less stress, AVPs and below get screwed with no bonuses and c-appy raises if any.

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But is it a negative move from one Boston location to CC?

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State Street creates many hostile environments by doing the following.

  1. Doubling and Tripling your work load
  1. Creating fear to the point your afraid to take vacation time, your eating lunch at your desk
  1. Changing your work schedule and you say nothing because your afraid of losing your job
  1. Moving you to another office further away from your house, and you say nothing because
    your afraid of losing your job.

After a while you become a very submissive worker who does as your told .

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