Thread regarding Adidas layoffs

Be prepared for anything

First, don't panic, this following is just a recommendation:

  • Backup your own personal data (pictures, documents, pay slips, etc.) that you might have laying on the company computer and the company phone, in the eventual case both the computer and phone are "surprise" taken from you;
  • Assume the corporate email, Skype for business, and any of the Slack projects you are in is COMPROMISED (meaning anyone with admin/superadmin role can browse through, for example, your direct-messages on Slack);
  • Don't use Slack to discuss any matters like these in the coming days (someone posted here already warning that site is blocked within the company network for EU offices), prefer other private chat alternatives and use those in personal computers/phones;
  • Don't turn yourself into a public target, example, discussing about this openly when there's HR nearby, or on the company social network, like the girl that replied to the CFO "politicaly correct" response of the Hzo WCouncil post asking for him to basically cut the c-ap and get to the point; keep that to yourself, these people won't be transparent with any of us at that level, and you'll only be harming yourself and those around you;
  • Don't forget the basic rule of any organization: HR are not your friend, don't be dumb enough to trust them. Their job is to protect the company, if necessary, from it's own employees and they'll use any rule in the book (and not in the book) to achieve that.
  • Don't be stupid: it's not worth trying to cause damage or preparing any sort of "revenge" act before leaving... instead invest that time in updating your resume, helping those around you do the same, and start silently both applying for different better companies as well as warning people close to you about coming to work with the company. Prepare yourself to be one step ahead.

Hold these in thought:

  • Don't expect much from any upcoming huddles and general meetings like the one being held tomorrow, the narrative is pretty clear already from the Hzo WCouncil post and the CFO's response: "look here, we're growing, hiring more people", but never openly denying anything regarding major reorg;
  • Don't expect anyone higher up to say the truth: days before the e-mail announcement of the new tech hubs by the CIO, VPs and SVPs would swear on their kids that any rumours of new tech hubs were false, assume most of these people will have signed NDAs and already sold their soul;
  • The fact that the decision to open Bogota/India hubs was taken already reveals the direction the company is taking, think of it logically from a company financial perspective: if (at least in their heads) they can have more or less same results/growth, with more or less the same quality, for a fraction of the "development" price, any company will do it, no matter how much they value people first;
  • We can assume an external company specialized in these matters ("future of IT" / reorg) has been helping prepare this for a long time. Even if something starts in Hzo, expect the same to replicate to Ams and even Zgz;
  • If anything is to happen, it's likely to happen at a near time of when Kasper (or any of the bigger fish) have a visible "positive" public interaction (Ex. London), probably to damage control any media outlets as well as share drops.

Think for yourself. Don't panic. Be smart. Instead of investing yourself emotionally in this b—s—, prepare your pathway to shine somewhere else.

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also, remember, it's a small world. our industry is even smaller. there is one degree of separation here, do not rock the boat, just go with the flow

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hahaha. hr are not your friend, so true...

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