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What can be done?

Let's hear it from the people on the front lines - what can the new CEO do to make us a success once again? What are the most immediate issues he needs to deal with?

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Set up an employee suggestion portal
Get more hours to the floors
Invest in ALL stores-
Review SM and DM performance and reduce layers.
Focus on training again- and have the SM more accountable- have the training performance be apart of their bonus structure- we know that’s what motivates them.
Be more uniform with policy, procedures and tasks.
Stop having DMs come into a store after the aisle map is set to rearrange things- be proactive not reactive!
Have coupons be able to be pulled up on the register by entering those phone numbers/emails.
Don’t allow regionals to override corporate mandates- sends a bad message to store management. If Corp comes out with a register guide don’t have the Midwest come out with another one that is more cluttered and back to the old bbb ways- and install queues to ALL stores. We know it works, just do it already!
Update the source and calendar systems. They are not designed to be helpful to the flow of work. And finding things on my source is not easy after a week or two of it posting. Corporate should be sending out a gate keeper that’s simpler for stores across the board to manage.
Scanners that work!
Radios that work!
An order online kiosk so customers can do it themselves if they want-!
Be more transparent.
Be smart about stockroom spaces in stores.
Better freight flow tactics- receivers should be Able to scan a pallet and have all cartons received. In all stores-
Better structure the store staff-

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Get rid of current RVP’s. DM’s and SM’s
Start with new blood, the current ones won’t give BBB what it needs!

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Stop with the coupons! Use the reward bucks based on purchase amount so they can come back to spend it prior to it expiring!

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Take a very close look at these stale SM’s, mist were friends of friends to get their position. The remaining OP’s need to go, they only sit in the office and look at their phones and order from Amazon, that’s right Amazon! I can tell you from personal experience that this is going on! Talk to the current employees and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to former mgmt because they can speak openly and know lots of secrets.

I hope the new CEO isn’t getting setup for failure, if he does not get rid of the current SM’s, DM’s snd RVP’s he will be s failure.

Start with DP and get rid of his DMs, SMs and OPs. Start with Houston area!!

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The high performing stores need hours so customers can get the personal experience that they come in for and then pay for product without waiting in long lines. This will keep them coming back. I can think of many times I have left stores due to not being able to find help or checkout promptly.

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Stop hiring people to just walk around waiting for a paycheck at pay day and not earning a single cent..Start Making sure these Managers are doing there jobs and holding those accountable. Training is also key, product knowledge.. this use to be one of the most important things that died in this company Stop ignoring those who break a sweat everyday and doesnt get recognized!! Follow company policies stop allways accomidating customers they need to learn too.. Coupons should be rewarded by points earned ..expiration dates need to be acknowledged.. See whats actually going on in these stores and how products never hit the floor because of pour laziness and non comunication..

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Remember that your associates are assets. The associates who have been there for 5+ years and who have seen managers come and go. Nice ones that get bullied out and mean ones who get promoted. You want change? Go look at all the complaints, exit interviews, ect. I had a store manager tell someone he would never be promoted because he was a fcking fg. The manager is now district. The reasoning? They HAD too. The managers being pushed along just because they scream at staff to get results are what's k–ling this company. Customers can feel it.

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I agree they need more advertising. Mailing out a coupon just isn't enough.

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Advertise. The whole “world of mouth” thing that the old leadership used to do was simply them being cheap, and taking customers for granted. TV ads. Radio ads. Advertise on the Internet. If we hear anything from the board saying that we don’t need to advertise, we’ll know that nothing will change in this company that up until 2015 was saying that other retailers were not a threat, and we could beat Amazon no problem with the old Beyond Store (remember that mess?)

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