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2019 W2's

Anyone know who will be sending out the 2019 W2's now that the Dream Center no longer exists? The receiver? I worked specifically for the Dream Center student accounting, not any of the schools. I left in mid-March once they started hammering our department, and honestly by the time I left, I didn't know what company I worked for anymore. Possibly that Studios place? I'm just grateful I got out before they started withholding paychecks while also understanding I was paid with money that should've gone to students. If I don't receive my W2 in a timely manner, can I contact the IRS and get it from them? I'm not confident I'll get legit answers from the receiver, so I thought I'd try here first.

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Half of the old AUO leadership team is over there in Ohio.

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Surprisingly, Dottore's site actually addresses this and says they'll be mailed out in January. Fingers crossed...

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