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2019 W2's

Anyone know who will be sending out the 2019 W2's now that the Dream Center no longer exists? The receiver? I worked specifically for the Dream Center student accounting, not any of the schools. I left in mid-March once they started hammering our department, and honestly by the time I left, I didn't know what company I worked for anymore. Possibly that Studios place? I'm just grateful I got out before they started withholding paychecks while also understanding I was paid with money that should've gone to students. If I don't receive my W2 in a timely manner, can I contact the IRS and get it from them? I'm not confident I'll get legit answers from the receiver, so I thought I'd try here first.

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I did not receive my 2019 W2 from Dream Center. I was informed by the IRS, that they are now out of compliance with the tax laws as of today. If you did not receive your 2019 W2, these are the steps to take:

  1. Gather pay stubs you have or copies of direct deposits of pay received in 2019
  2. You can file Form 4852 with the IRS- it is an estimated return based on the the payroll information you personally have. Any tax preparer can estimate from your net pay what the gross pay and contributions were. You will not be penalized as DCEH is in violation of tax reporting deadlines. You can file taxes in a timely manner and move on with it- the IRS will take over once you report that you did not get a W2 by filing this form instead of a standard 1099
  3. File Form 13909, which is a Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referrel)
  4. If you chose to file Form 211, go to the IRS website and print it. It can be filed anonymous or give your name- up to you. If you are okay that DCEH kept the money that was withheld from your paycheck ,then don't. If you want to hold them accountable, then file the form.

The 3 forms I have mentioned are easily printed from the IRS website.

The receiver's web page will also instruct you to contact DCEH. Here is the link:
Send an email as instructed by Dottore.

I have been in contact with site since 1/31/20 and was told in an email that the forms were sent. I never believed that for one second and now that their time is up, I have remedy to file my taxes, report their noncompliance and BE DONE .
Hope this information helps anyone who is dealing with this.

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Half of the old AUO leadership team is over there in Ohio.

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Surprisingly, Dottore's site actually addresses this and says they'll be mailed out in January. Fingers crossed...

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