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This could have been you GM

Totally agree. All I want is a legitimate EV vehicle out of you GM!

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Electric cars are way to expensive.
Even though Ford pushed out a t–d of an all electric car, they still we're the first ones to push that t–d out.
GM will be flushed down the toilets of many Americans toilets.
Oh wait! To late it's already happening, good job Mary!

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Mary oh Mary, sigh...
She's created to many waves with her political cartoon carrer I'm affraid,...her agenda is and had taken presedence over doing actual work and thats building products! Her mass layoffs is an absolute unnecessary disruption with no real game plan as to what the f— to build and focus on for a product line, sure firing everyone is the answer she says, let's bring in hack talent with no experience in anything and hey let's promote a CFO because she's Indian and a woman.
Now let's perpetuate further drama and waste more time and energy suing FCA, I ask just what exactly has this CEO done to WIN and or accomplish anything? She has driven away customers in droves and the people she has promoted speak in circles and have shown nothing in terms of progress. If this is a corporation then results are expected, so far GM is empty handed and has produced nothing but a media circus, confusion and nothing but negative all the time.
The Corvette is all they have that was semi exciting but overall buried in the media frenzy of sheer drama and negative static, and that's all it is, static. I see nothing but drab black clouds for GM and the all electric future for this company looks dim, way to go though Mary for all the mouth pieces you have promoted, again the old GM saying, Lots of people in charge but no one does anything. GM= 0 0 0

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