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Just a number

Today's layoffs prove everyone at Enlink are just considered a number. Lost a lot of knowledge today, mostly considering how to manage/operate Plants. Hard to imagine the new asset manager couldn't do more to keep our team strong. Seems to me, one of the gentlemen let go today would have been a much better fit at that particular position.

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This is the oil and gas industry y’all. Been through this before. Wife sitting at home wondering if I’ll have a job. And guess what- non of the men who are at EnLink were at the previous companies that have done layoffs- No merger- No buyout. If this is your first rodeo I’m sorry. For those of us who’ve been through this before you know when the cash is good SAVE IT! Because layoffs are apart of the oil and gas industry. But with every company I’ve been with I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve received. It makes it so I can easily get a new job. So you newbies to layoffs that don’t understand the field you chose as a profession- WORK HARD. Gain knowledge- The end. Layoffs come in this vocation. If you don’t like it get a job teaching school or working at Walmart. My prayers to all who have been let go today and their families. ALSO my prayers to the men who had to man up and make some HARD A– DECISIONS!

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I couldnt agree more, im one of he guys losing my job. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

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