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GM recall, carpet fire! But they want electric vehicles?

GM is dead, all these recalls and they want the public in an all electric car or truck lol, are you serious!
I don't trust this GM company anymore, this is what they get for back stabbing competent well experienced employees.
Recall after recall = Not a trusted product.

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It's GM that is responsible end of story.
Now seatbelt issues, brake problems and on and on, Geeeee Mary guess ya shouldn't have fired so many people and it will only get worse.
Fire this useless t–d CEO and CFO

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Who are the suppliers for the carpet, nvh They also have a responsibility.

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Which is why FCA is kicking their asses
Ex GM guy that now works for a better company and that's FCA.
Jeep and Dodge Challenger all the way! They make a better truck and the interior's can't be touched by Ford or GM.
GM is jelly

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The problem is not so much with recalls themselves, but the OEM warranty & customer support and the whole GM dealerships. It trickles down from the top. When an OEM owns up their goof ups and doesn't give dealerships a hard time with recalls and warranties, the the dealerships won't either. But GM has historically been among the worst (incl Ford) when it comes to honoring warranties and doing recalls promptly, owning to mistakes in general.

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