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Happy Holidays from Sal! You Get Nothing...Still!

For many across DXC’s global community, the holiday season and a new decade are upon us. The senior leadership team and I wish you and your loved ones much health and happiness as you celebrate during this special time. As this year ends and a new one begins, I hope you take the opportunity to relax, reflect and recharge with family and friends.

Looking forward to 2020, we will continue to execute on our growth strategy with an emphasis on our people, customers and operational execution. The growth and engagement of our people is a key priority, and we will act as OneDXC to create an environment that acknowledges, recognizes, and rewards our people.

In that spirit, I want to thank the 75,000+ employees who completed the recent global employee survey. Based on this important feedback, we have seen clear strengths and opportunities emerge:

• Our strengths lie in our work environment and manager support. The results show that employees feel satisfied with their day-to-day work team, and most would recommend their manager.

• At the same time, we have opportunities to improve decision making, learning and professional growth, and to deliver better customer experiences. Employees want to see actions that demonstrate commitment to customers, compensation, and career growth at DXC.

The survey results will inform our focus on improving the overall employee experience to ensure success for our people and our business in the future. When we return in the new year, leaders will be sharing the survey results and insights with their teams and introduce action plans aimed at making a true positive impact.

I look forward to our continued progress and transformation in the new year. Let’s work together toward a successful close to Q3 in two weeks and a strong finish to FY20 in March of 2020.

Happy holidays!


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Hah Haha ho

The five year plan is as folllows:

Year 1 Talk about the stack this year.
Year 2 implement a model and call it stack
Year 3 we working on stack doing well but still in progress, everyone thanks for the hard work
Year 4 stack didn't work will call it pod, will call it tower, erm give it a few months we call it Agile factory
Year 5 term things not worked out its the recession, sorry can't afford any pay rises [now year 18 of non rises]

And on and on.....

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@12B1PmUN-1qiz, mods nuke posts that violate site rules, they usually nix posts containing f-words and insults. I’ve just checked their content rules page, impersonating is not allowed either.

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Sal, like Old Mikey will have a Happy Holiday period, pocketing cash which was destined to go to hard working employees as a pay rise. Another criminal that does not give 2 hoots about the real contributors to the profits.

Waiting for the bean counters to take DXC to the cleaners.

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Yea and the NEW Mike gets bonus of 200% - 400% of his salary and we get ZERO

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Looks like this site is deleting posts. Some that were on here yesterday have gone!!!

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Tired of these happy holidays b—s—. Just pay your employee fair salary and bonus ; fire the yahoos who don't contribute ; kick out those guys who have already quit, but still here. That should be the holiday message for this company if it has to redeem itself.

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Yes, unfortunately and sadly, this is a legit email from Mike, aka Sal.

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of late messages are coming from Samson and Delilah as well, wishing happy holidays ! Seems like he is getting active or pretending.

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