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Chief innovation officer

Looks like Rolle (in Europe) is gunning for that position for some time already Using the security business (who can’t get any real product out either, like comfort.... Even using “innovation” in their business talks to reinforce their aspirations
Let’s see in a few week who will be moobs boss
Would be fun to have the chief fellow merged into that position and telling moobs what to do

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Well he did not make it to chief innovator but he whined so much he got the chief architect & fellow.... so B and S more and you get a promo...
pitying real fellow that may actually know more than word agile & containers...

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The reason the previous CTO got to do much damage is because the focus was not in results. Same focus goes for moobs. What’s interesting is that pretty much the same layer of people that were with the previous are with the new. Same pattern. Won’t change then as the people that are the problem remain. Worse is that the contagion has hit the business side too

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Im not sure that role will exist once Don Cazzo / Fredo gets walked out. What we are hearing is Moobs will get CTO title as he has everyone fooled he has actually delivered something or fixed anything. They were going to hold off until he "delivered" and they believe he has which is actually pretty scary they are that out of touch. The Activist investor needs to step in and start ripping things apart FAST starting with Don Cazzo (Fredo) and the entire board he put in place of friends....

The scary thing is if Moobs moves up he is going to take the clueless crew with him and just when you thought things couldn't get worse....they will. That would be the Coup De Grace for whats left of this steaming pile of a company.

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Not surprised.... in a company where nobody anymore can see the difference between BS , empty talk with no real results and actual delivery of products anything goes... and even if it clearly doesn’t work we will keep trying expecting different results . Isn’t one year of madness enough? Why are people rewarded for BS? Is the company VPGM so desperate that they have left the helm to people that are just talkers jockeying for positions and self advancement????
That’s why we have 18 lawsuits ! No results but empire building and a pilfering of the company assets is going well. Until a layer is removed nothing will change, it’s getting worse! Stop the parties make real changes!

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