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Micron desperately trying to change the perception of the co as an employer.

So the latest ridiculousness has whats left of microns manufacturing departments holding meetings following more negative feedback (what a surprise) about working for micron. Managers want to know what employees like best about working for micron & asked questions like "what do people you meet outside of micron say when you tell them you work here". Lol, most people cringe..or say "micron is still in business?" Micron once again desperately trying to find answers to problems right in front of their face. Become a good employer, treat people right, have a work/life balance atmosphere & people will enjoy working there. Oh, and maybe pay the people who are keeping this place afloat what they are worth! Its common sense, but micron's out of touch management trying to see everything except what is in front of their face.

The difference in good employers and bad employers is simple...Good companys have people lined up trying to gain employment with them because they have a good reputation. Companys like micron are missing new quality employees because of their reputation & have current employees who are just hanging on trying to keep the job they already have -even though they are good employees.

More gourmet coffee machines, new fitness centers, breakroom TVs...Keep trying micron. This company will do anything to attract employees and up their reputation...anything except treat people right.

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Leave. Money isn't life.

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Pretty bad people are quitting this place because they are being treated so badly! Best paying employer in the valley but now the worst place to work here. I sure miss the old micron, it will never be the same company ever again!

Sad, very sad!

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