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Revenue has been on a secular decline.
New CEO deploys a credible go-forward strategy.
Revenue growth is the key indicator for the success of the go-forward strategy.
There are execution risks and some are beyond DXC’s control.
Low valuation reflects investors’ concern of the secular decline headwind.
DXC Technology (DXC) is facing significant headwind in the secular decline of roughly 73% of its business. While it is working to rapidly grow in other areas, the jury is still out if it can arrest its revenue decline. New management has put together a credible strategy, but there are high execution risks. DXC’s valuation is low, but it just reflects investors’ concern for the secular headwind. Two key things DXC investors should watch for: (1) if the rate of decline of 73% of the business is consistent with management’s assumption of a high single-digit decline rate, and (2) if management can achieve the aggressive growth rate of the rest of the business to achieve its revenue target. I investigated DXC’s business because of its low valuation, but have decided to not invest in DXC because of the secular headwind.

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Currently dxc are hiring contractors at $600+ a day as permanent staff wont come to work for this company due to its pay policy.

If they gave that one days contractors pay as a pay rise to staff they would get good staff cant the id–ts work this out?.

The management is so backward they only think of pay cuts for a decade plus. Who is going to work for such a useless company, and those who do are fed up and will produce rubbish until they are paid a fair rate now.

I cant believe shareholders and senior exec cant see this and are not challenging rock bottom morale.

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Look we don't care if we are a bottom 5% company and we don't care about engineers.

There will no rises or bonuses except for management grade.

We don't really care, it's about reward, to be clear our reward!

This company is in terminal decline and as long as we can keep the market sweet were ok.

So keep up the good work, thanks for your hard effort guys. Were introducing nominate a star, rewards scheme, appraisal but we can give any recompense, thank you emails, more town hall thank yous, more weekly team call thank yous. If you have any more thank you ideas please to keep staff motivated please let us know.

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@mqi - I noticed the predilection with 'secular' too, since the author is confused - let's correct them! Secular impliies that something is unrelated or linked - DXC current inability to deliver is directly linked to a lack of engineers, the author is miss-informed at best. Too many managers still regurgititating PPTX - the engineers to implement a strategy (good or bad) are just not there. Simple fix, stop attrition of existing and recruit more!

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Isn't it ironic that DXC only now realise that they are in the [email protected], after ML departed? Clearly there was no interest for the navel gazing to occur when ML was in the chair. Management can only blame themselves for the poor state and as such, management should be starved of their performance bonuses for 12 months.

DXC has been and continues to be a dead duck and not worthy of delivering anything tangible. Just look at all the useless project managers and middle managers around you at DXC ... they are a waste of space, yet they are overpaid for their almost zero contribution to the bottom line. They should all be forced to attend Spartans and ITIL training and learn what is possible in the real world.

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All I will say is if your daft enough to work for us when you know we are screwing you for all these years and your not going to get a pay raise then your not very clever.

Start preparing for appraisals, something to keep you out of mischief.

If we get 2 years plus out of this on our pay we are happy!

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Was this post done by DXC management ? If so they are looking at this site. #IseeDXC

"There are execution risks and some are beyond DXC’s control." NOT!

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Pay, pay, pay that's all that you lot go on about. We are the ones who run the company so we deserve the pay. So let's be clear there will be bonuses , pay rises, stock options, and LTIP for us at the top.

For you guys were going to string it a few years, your doing good, keep up the good work but we can't give across the board rises. I mean some of you are saying you haven't had a rise in 13 years so what difference will a few more years make.

So what if were in the bottom 5% of US companies you all say you enjoy working for us. As long as this continues we will have banked a few million so who cares after that. Alls fair from where we are.

Keep up the good work, we don't thank you enough. What if we sent you a thank you email or setup a nominate a employee scheme . Will that shut you up? Don't worry these are on their way.

Thanks thanks thanks again for your hard work. We will bear you in mind for a pay rise in 2025.

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DXC Technology's Perks And Benefits Rank Against Similar Sized Companies in the US
DXC Technology ranks in the Bottom 5% of other companies in the US with 10,000+ Employees for Perks And Benefits Score.

Pretty much bottom of most things how is this company expecting to grow? The CEO must be on d–gs if he thinks he can grow this company on the current employee pay.


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How can this tanker be turned or should I say sinking ship be turned around. The only assets it has are really staff, so it needs to focus on staff morale and engage with customers, both go hand in hand.

Staff need to look forward to coming to work, they need to be valued not beaten, paid not screwed, trained not processed.

Customers need service not excuses, delivery not blockers, and the end game is to milk them but not screw them over.

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Just excuses before we start. If the new lot don't think they can expand the company why are they getting paid millions. Should just admit it upfront.

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You’re really into the word “secular”

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