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After 18 years contract in Pontiac Powertrain these people get hired and I got fired along with 1500 others. Thanks GM

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The older we get the more likely we are to be targeted for a lay off. I'm 29 years old and I learned to not live a lavish life style and over time invest in real estate. If I don't look after myself GM certainly will not and when my hair turns grey they will just dump me.

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The answer is that salaried employees are too difficult to go through the paperwork and proof to fire, and UAW are too protected to get fired easily. Contract employees are expendable, even if you are three times the talent. Make a call to the contract house, and you are terminated.

As a two decade contract employee, now salaried whom my management mentioned these responses to me, it had seemed to make sense.

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The UAW is favored, GM gave away jobs in Warren,with zero chance of letting people even apply for the same job that they were already doing! Why? Because of work rules and political games the company and the UAW play and have already arranged.
It's all a big racket, basically you are excluded and stand no chance because well! That's a union job and so even though a contract head was doing the job " WE THE UAW COME FIRST" You are out of a job. I'm speaking in terms of technician jobs in Warren and Powertrain NOT factory jobs. Contract Dyno techs, all the test techs even at M—ord are either direct blue badge salary or contract heads, Double standard? Why not make them all either direct salaried or union? Talk about bad morale and feeling inferior! This guy's better than me making more money and has better health insurance, but wait we are doing the same job? That's a huge problem. What make him or her better or special? Why can't I get hired into the company like they are? That is a very relevant question for many people not just some people. I worked with a salaried head, doing the same job as him but he couldn't seem to want to work and would rather sleep in or basically do no work, I was there every day working and on time but couldn't get hired, how does this happen, Managers answer that question? I always thought if you put in honest work and we're a good employee you would be rewarded and not fired. What is wrong with this picture?

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Places like Pontiac and Warren can get away with not hiring people because it's not a factory.
UAWs took my job away from me when it moved to Warren, left out on the street even though I did the job for many years, I couldn't even apply for the same job I was doing, they just handed it to them. I was a technician.

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i was waiting for someone to post that story

Yep, definitely s—s.

Moral of the Story:
Never leave things up to chance. ALWAYS invest in yourself... because no one else will.

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