Thread regarding Synamedia layoffs

What do you want to happen now?

It’s the start of a new year. Let’s mark it with some great ideas on where we should go now.
What do you think are the big things that need to change?
What’s holding us back?
What are the big opportunities that we should push for?

And..... go.

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only cDVR/Cloud Object Storage is valuable business, others .... you know

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Not this … pip pip

If ever a business justified private equity’s reputation for f—ging threadbare companies to the stock market, it is the AA. CVC, Permira and Charterhouse listed the roadside assistance company in 2014, breaking up the holding vehicle Acromas.
The AA was hobbled from the start. The buyout barons, which bought it from British Gas owner Centrica, extracted hefty dividends and loaded it with £3.3bn of debt before taking it to market.
After a brief honeymoon, the shares started to drop in mid-2015 — and it has been downhill ever since. They ended last week at 46p, valuing it at just £277m. Neil Woodford was among investors who bought into the disastrous float.

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For starters - Quit talking about the past, blaming Cisco for screwing over the SynaExecs in a bad deal, take responsibility, "own it" as they say, k–l off under-performing products and state a plan for the future. Actual product innovations, not just incremental SW feature adds, etc. Make a strategic acquisition to grow the company, taking a page from the Cisco playbook.

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Bond: You expect me to talk ?
Goldfinger: No Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE !!!

That's about it.

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On a public BBS? Nope. Do it inside.

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  1. Pay rises
  2. HR wages
  3. Employee endorsements rather than praising the company wishful achievements on Linked-In
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