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Moobs PR firm posting...

Interesting... very visibly some postings are all about how moobs and flashlight are going to save the security business with développeras (dev that believe they are prima donna)
Let’s go back to the basics....mismanagement at the director and VP level over the past year brought the company to its knees. It was done by systematically destroying assets overseas to create mini kingdoms in Austin and before that in Atlanta. They are just as devious as when they went after Brno and the same result is expected furthering the rezi issues. Atlanta or Austin are not magical cities, management hires people at their image. How has that worked so far?
Real Change is needed, not PR c-ap the Trump way to demolish trust between employees.

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NIZc - what you are seeing is panic. Moobs and the Moobsters (fleshlight, HDG, Stain, lurch, yeast, Water Punt) ) are running out of friends as they get fired and thrown off the board. They actually have to deliver and not just talk a good game any more. They know they are running out of time to deliver which may explain Moobs not being as visible as a few weeks ago. look for more posts, more people thrown under the bus, more blame diverted to others etc. Hopefully we will see many of them leave "to pursue opportunities outside of Resideo" soon. Lets hope the new ex Honeywell dude gets their number quickly.

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