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The #proudtobeNielsen hashtag feels like a huge reach

I am both amused and annoyed by this hashtag. The stock price has absolutely plummeted, I've had a lot of former colleagues lose jobs, have known a lot of people to get spun off into companies that bought business units from Nielsen, and people I knew who were rising stars tapped for fast tracks to promotion have jumped ship left and right– you know it's bad when the people the company was betting on are no longer willing to bet on the company. Curious how many of the people posting #proudtobeNielsen posts are doing so while checking in on the Jobs tab and sliding their job search status to "open to new opportunities."

Seeing this hashtag feels like watching an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend post on Facebook about how great they're doing, when you know from multiple sources that they're an absolute trainwreck.

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Are you kidding me? Proud of what? C-appy benefits designed to push you onto welfare or your spouses benefits? 18 or 24 month merit cycles that mean you're paid less every year you're working there? Or what about title promotions or job consolidations with NO pay adjustment? What about year after year after year of layoffs and departures? What about 8 billion in crushing debt.

Proud of what? Company is c-ap. Arther Nielsen is rolling in his grave to see what the company is now.

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Something To Distract The Peons

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