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Slow Winter Hangover

After a dismal first quarter, I'm hopeful that there are mass layoffs in Nevada to pave the way for some of us that are part of the solution to move into positions now mostly occupied by lazy and detrimental salaried employees; employees that text most of the day away, and mess with one worker that's dedicated and focused, while giving raises to others that are constantly distracted with music and movies and personal phone calls, and electronic chats in their ears, and never go above and beyond basic tasks.
The atmosphere is becoming exponentially cumbersome at the TRIC Tesla facility. It's so demoralizing for those of us that show up when we are scheduled and do our jobs well, only to be harasseed by disgruntled employees that make $75,000-$150,000 per year which seemingly scapegoat those of us $17-$18/hr grunts that do the work, and not just when we feel like it.
It's exponentially more disenfranchising when those around you get promotion fever and begin showing their petty demeanor to where you just simply quit communicating with them for any reason under the sun. Those of us that do hold ourselves accountable and mostly desire to not be obstructed from doing our jobs, or from working a full day, are becoming detached from most of the rest of the people due to a virulent storm of conceit that has become an epidemic.
We grow weary being around a lot of people scared of their own shadows because they need $75000 - $150,000/year to still be miserable and condescending, with all their scarce, fake "good job" rhetoric that never shows up on our paychecks, but sure does on theirs.

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