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Ohhhhh, who cares about California Forbes, no one!
Look vehicles are an appliance and that's all they are, people in this country and globally want choices, be it electric,gas, Diesel. You can try to go all electric if you want but you watch sales tank in the toilet.
It's all about the freedom to choose and ultimately that is about the customer, that is the core business period.
GM marketing folks should demand change of the current leadership and sooner rather than later.
What has the company achieved since Barra stepped in? Zero, zero, zero.
GM needs people with forward thinking and should build what the customers demand and that goes for all manufacturer in our business, Tesla is kinda like Tucker #2 we shall see, so far all of it is boring and ohhhh the drama lol.

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GM has created nothing but failures to date in the Electric Vehicle space (EV1, Volt, Bolt). Compare this to sales of Tesla 3 which have been quite impressive. There is no reason to expect that GM will beat the upcoming EV or autonomous vehicle competition with the current flawed GM leadership. If you look at the stagnant price of GM stock since Mary B took over, Wall Street is of the same opinion.

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What has GM accomplished under the leadership of Barra?

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