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Zero, zero, zero

Having a senior moment. This slogan is Zero emissions, Zero crashes, Zero ???

Can’t remember the third zero.

Serious or humorous replies accepted. 😀

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Another blast from the past...
Drive 2 GREAT
*one team
*think customer
*look ahead
*innovate NOW
*be bold
*it's on me
*Win with integrity

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Found it: Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, Zero Congestion

But the other replied are great.

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Zero cares about the future of that company. After being kicked out and now looking in, everything, and I mean everything, is SO much better.

I like watching the train wreck though.

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Zero Equal Opportunity Employment–hire more females regardless of them being less qualified than their male counterparts

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Zero cares about the customers needs.
Zero respect or integrity for the employees of the company.
Zero product offerings and out of touch with the market, Always negative vibes from GM and drama.

It's time for new leadership,

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