Thread regarding TIBCO Software Inc. layoffs

How many have been laid off in the last few days?

Is it just me or does this seem to be a larger wave and not the usual "a few people here and there" thing? And do we have any idea how long this will last? Being this stressed out so close to Christmas really s—s. I think it's really cruel to choose time of the year for something like this...

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They say:
83 12/3
120 12/4

I didn’t ask if the numbers were cumulative or not.

With the branch office closure notices, we will see more exits after the New Year when jobs are posted in other companies. Attrition is a calculated move on management’s part since those who do remain will have no where to sit!

After Boston, I predict calming words followed by layoffs in Manchester.

2020 is going to be rough on morale. But hey, ”Better Together.”

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Can confirm. I was let on Monday first day back from the holidays with only 2 weeks severance.

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I heard two weeks or so from the rumor mill

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Sadly, lots of companies do layoffs at this time of year. Heartless bastidges. Merry Christmas to those of us who were let go (can you hear the sarcasm?). I heard 80 people were cut loose yesterday. Don't know if that's an accurate count or if there are still more cuts to be made.

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