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Wow. Smh

Place is a joke. Please just sell. Want top talent but don’t want to pay industry standard salaries. Why not give the upper execs pay freeze?... Literally bad people in Corporate that don’t value their employees. If only they were an average Joe just trying to make ends meet & properly raise a family. Smh.

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Either your dreaming or just what altice needs brain dead employees. Do something about it and stop crying. Leave if your not happy i did it. Joined a union and laugh at all you people whining.

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Altice has contractors overcharging and paying kickback, thinking they are saving money. Altice employees are just trying to keep a job with them only caring about themselves. I feel the same way– this is just the new Altice culture. Altice won't sell because executives are too scared or dumb to know when to sell the company. Everyone's situation is different and some of us are still looking for the way out from this company. let's keep the support high because we all have families to feed, and I wish you well.

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What made you think they want top talent?
Stop it already. Either stay and accept your doom, or leave, take the pay cut, and start over.
Hmm? Start over and have a career where the work you do is appreciated. If you stay you are at risk of being out of a job. The last thing these selfish, desktop jockeys will do is take a pay freeze.

All the management below them are too scared to do anything. These guys are sellouts, snakes in the grass, lacking any dignity, or back bone. If management doesn't just say, "Yes boss", they are at risk of losing their job as well. This company believes in contractor work. Hates having to pay salaries, benefits, and perks. Hates it.

So stop SYH looking for pity, or some company to save you through a sale. Do something with your situation and leave. Many have done it, and are very happy. Best decision, trust me.

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What’s the issue ???

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