Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

Smoke and Mirrors at OMC

The quality vendors and subs have gone unpaid out here where the company generates money. Apparently, the sweat dripping masses should push on so our crown jewel, OMC is fully stocked with coffee.
Those of you complaining about open floor plans should come out here where you don't wear company logos in the local public because of unpaid bills for materials and consumables. It's embarrassing.

For those intending to post harassing comments dismissing me as uninformed or that I am trolling, you can stuff your bullying lies. I intend to finish my assignment but after that, I am over it.

When a company has forgotten their purpose they deserve to fail and the bullies can go with them.

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Two way mirrors are used for surveillance of employees

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Yes our name is c-ap - heads will roll

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