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One day in the life of a CFO

The layoffs have not stopped in the HQ and are done silently, sometimes without the knowledge of the WoCo or with their silent approval.
The CFO wakes up in the morning, arrives at work, fires or decides to fire a few people, has lunch, a couple of coffee chats, some yammer posts, smiles like nothing happened and in the evening posts hypocritical Merry Christmas and Enjoy your time with your family messages and flashy videos. Tell that to the people you are laying off!

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No reason to be happy. She was a puppet that was sacked and that was the intention from the very beginning.
IT is again under the same person that started the layoffs.
Whoever will come next will be sacked as well after some things are done.
So stay safe and compliant.

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It's true, it was confirmed, she is leaving! Wishing her all the best in her future endeavors! She will be missed.
Now how about K?

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What about now Fumbi leaving? She spent 1800000 with McKinsey for FutureIT to get a ‘80 structure organization. All S level they have signed NDAs ... seems that they lost completely the track . Other funny discussions around reducing the allowances like cars and mobile are coming to HQ... no one is able to say that all the money we spent for Digital IT(by chance started by Harm) are not paying off ? And by chance again is the only department that has no hiring freeze ...

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It all comes off now. Some law experts say that the hire freeze and the approval of the BR to move any vacant positions outside Germany, is pointing to the fact that they are preparing for mass operational layoffs.
This gives adidas the option to immediately terminate anyone without paying any good bye package.
If unapproved layoffs were carried out as mentioned in the initial comment then the BR should step in.

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Very sad. Adi would cry knowing what has become of his dream.
Eric Liedtke's departure raised some red flags.
Almost all HQ IT was "saved" for 1 year, giving HKK time to prepare for the whole thing better. Make no mistake to think they will stop what they started. HR will try all the dirty tricks - individual or mass layoffs, assesment centers, intimidation, camouflaged upskilling, tracked NPS, faked NPS, rank and yank.
For now they will focus on the easy targets, like mentioned in the first post.
Selected M1 and their teams and also P level are on the radar now.
Rumour says it that next year zgz will start fading away.
Nevertheless some mistakes were done already, which some people say will come out in the media, at the right time.

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If you get that dreaded meeting invite from HR, whatever they do or propose, do not accept it, fight silently back, avoid, be smart, talk to lawyers. Many people are active on this topic so it would be worth having a class suit if you manage to get together.
Boycott adidas products, sell your shares, stop buying adidas shares as it is not worth it, invest in something else.
The Dane needs to retire! (crying puppy eyes)

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