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More cuts

GM is cutting massive amounts of jobs at several plants that I'm aware of. These plants have already been cut to the bone in past purges. It looks to be 8% to 15% at each plant. I'm guessing another round for salary will soon follow.

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Cannot wait to see. Inside management is a mess

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GM cuts annually, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. As a 20+ year contract veteran who worked along side of UAW and salary, I can tell you with absolutely certainty they cut. Some small, some large, but cut annually they will.

If nothing else I transfer into the working GM class, it’s to have a six to twelve month unemployement fund in hand to pay for life. I am most likely the poster boy for GM to call an employee on a Saturday morning, and not to show up on a Monday, yet I’ve never quit a job in all my career among all of my GM jobs. Take a moment and do the math. I worked exclusively on GM projects. I don’t quit jobs, they quit me.

Fast forward to today...

After being kicked out of GM for the final time in 2018, I was awarded a position within a tier company with a fantastic salary, and the opportunity for many weeks paid vacation, plus two weeks to buy, dto, etc.

At this company, real people actually retire at 30+ years. No one is kicked out because of undisclosed and malicious age discrimination found among the big three.

I was a loyal and dedicated employee that molded me at GM. It was their boot that made me realize, everything had always been better outside of GM. Call them the villain, or call them the hero. I’ve been divided, but thankful to be no longer part of that nonsense.

It would appear, if you want an amateur employment status, hire in with GM or its contract contacts. However, should you hire in with tier suppliers, you will may yourself treated better. You actually may not become solely a hazy number within the system.

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people predict new cuts every time I check this site

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Probably the best and honest thing I have read on this page.
Thank you for writing exactly how I feel and think about it.
It's the absolute truth!

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Tier 1 is where it’s at. Their customers are all the OEMs and everyone else not often thought about. They learned to heavily diversify back in 2008, and never look back again. The OEMs are captured by the interest of the public market, and it its sway/perspective. When an OEM pisses me off on their product, I don’t buy it again. When a tier 1/2/3 does it, I don’t care nor see it.

Working at a tier supplier, I can’t find a job at any OEM that pays as much for what I do, with wages and benefits included that I receive. OEMs want a four year degree, sometime last a dual depending on competition, as everyone has the illusion that the top is the best. Sometimes it’s a masters or PHD. Not needed outside of own their delusional little world. HR holds the industry captive.

I was interviewing at a top OEM within their performance division, at a time as simultaneous job offers came in, and they couldn’t exceed my best OEM offers. The manager was protective to ask who I was considering, and appeared defensive about it.

If you want the best talent, pay the obscene price to obtain it. If you have a Bill Gates caliber employee in your ranks, embrace them else loose them. It will only cost more later.

Ironically, 15+ years with GM, they molded me in who I became, and I don’t think there’s a position in my field they could ever afford to hire me back for. I am outside of their pay scale. Talk about disconnection between talent, and pay.

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When you see this it says to much competition! Period! Either stay and ride it out or leave the industry. The large OEMs are not the place to make money anymore. They are just holding companies hiring cheap labor. Would not waste my time, reduce your own experiences, wait till the smoke clears and maybe jump back in.

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About salary ; I'm guessing. About the cuts at plants it's pretty common knowledge even at the supervisory leval 5. Some plants it's even been released to employees. They plan on doing this through buyouts and just not replacing. The budgets these plants are being asked to come up with through Cuts are insane. These jobs Cuts alone don't even come close to the desired budgets upper management from Detroit are giving. don't know we're else they think money can be saved.

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