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What is all those media about “culture breakdown”

I keep seeing posts about Google like work culture break down, not a good place to work and etc. what is it really like working there ? How is the culture and the ceo?

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The company's enjoyed extraordinary success and that has created a bunch of employees used to feeling like they're unstoppable and getting their way around things = a bunch of spoiled brats who are well paid, well fed, well respected (by those in awe of meeting Google employees), etc

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It is "breaking down" compared to what it used to be. No place is perfect, but Google largely had a transparency that was unique and, to go with it, an attitude that everyone had a seat at the table. That has changed significantly and there are multiple reasons for it. To name a couple – broken trust by management in covering up/paying off (e.g. Andy Rubin) and "activist" employees who broke the code of respectful, open dialog stays within the company – which led to a cycle of employees leaking/making demands which caused lessening of transparent communication which decreased trust and rinse/repeat. Additionally, the big bet on Cloud coupled with bringing in top leadership from Oracle which altered culture and brought in a bunch more ex-Oracle management which further altered culture. Finally, Google still is known as a top-tier company and, therefore, has 100x+ the number of applicants as they do spots, so they can afford to churn and burn people (which they do, but not as badly as other places, like Amazon).

It had faded from what it once was. But that doesn't mean it is awful. Now it is increasingly like other large corporations, but still with great benefits, free food, plenty of other perks and it is a solid resume builder.

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