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Horrible company to work for

I wasn't personally laid off, though I knew people who were. This company treats their developers like absolute trash. Where do I start?

  1. Their codebase in ANCIENT and they aren't willing to modernize or change. They tried to but continued to repeat the mistakes in the old codebase, so what's the point really?
  2. If you pointed out any mistakes they made you were shamed into silence and I was often told I didn't know how anything worked
    • I had one of their devs tell me that the file system was the same as a database and that we could use the file system interchangeably, but I'm the dumb–s?
  3. The scrum managers are like brutal overlords. They treated devs like children and wouldn't let us create Jira tickets or update them at all. We had to go through them for literally EVERYTHING.
  4. We had at least 15+ hours per week completed wasted in meetings that we really didn't need.

I'm glad I left when I did because weeks later they laid off everyone I worked with (would have been me too). Be glad you don't work there and if are thinking about working there, think again, you deserve better.

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And people who were not laid off are leaving in droves

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I've only worked at JCI for 6 months and I already know it was a mistake of epic proportions taking a job here. They are completely disorganized at the Milwaukee branch.
Their processes are so convoluted, they make the most basic task as difficult as humanly possible by adding unnecessary layers. The relationships with their clients are difficult as there is poor communication between them.
Most of the veteran employees seem to be jaded and think the company has seen better days. The training is extremely poor for new employees...they basically just give you a laptop and say "here you go".
This place is a revolving door between people quitting after a short while and people getting laid off.
If Covid-19 hadn't messed up the year and the local economy I would likely have been actively looking for new employment already.

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despite how busy I was***

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The management literally couldn't lead their teams to create a working static HTML webpage.

If it wasn't so sad for all the regular people working there, it would actually pretty hilarious – one of the managers on the core business team is constantly credited with having "created the core of the system" (a f—ing 15+ year old service that breaks CONSTANTLY which they haven't fixed in YEARS. They been sending out broken releases one after another and just playing dumb about it) but being so old, the programming language used to write it was like C++ or something. They got me to create a band-aid for them so that the service would work, which I did, and then from then on every single time the service had an issue they'd tell me to fix it, and every time I said "the only fix is to rewrite the script entirely, it's too old to be maintained" they would say "X person created the script. We can't get rid of it, so go ask her about it." From personal experience, I 100% guarantee you that the manager who is credited with creating that service does not even know the basics of C++ and she never did. She never had ANYTHING to do with writing it, other than maybe being in the same room when it happened.

My manager was even worse than that. Actually by quite a long shot. He really never supported me even one single time in the nearly 2 years I was under him. And despite how busy he was, he would try to get me to attend his early morning meetings for him. Why did he do that? Because he knew he would look like a complete id–t if he had to explain what I was doing and he had no ambition to learn. A week or so before I finally left the place one of the lead engineers for the core business team was at my desk and he literally said to this manager, "what do you even do here besides walk around?" It was thinly veiled as a joke, but he was being serious.

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