Thread regarding Molson Coors Brewing Co. layoffs

Milwaukee layoffs coming due to supply chain disruptions from coronavirus

Don't buy anything or take on new debt.

You better get everything paid off.... The economy is about to crash.

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Whoa! DOW was down -2013 points today. You called it. What’s going to happen next? We are going into a depression for sure. Layoffs are for certain after today’s crash.

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People, listen up....the world markets are in beginning stages of collapse. Oil is tanking, bitcoin tanking, all world stock markets are in red. On March 9 you will see the biggest drop in stock market history. The stock market will be halted as soon as it opens. Expect some panic.

The week will get worse and the market will continue to bleed.

Do not take on any debt, and do not buy a house, we are at the very top of the housing bubble, which will also collapse by this summer due to new construction supply chain disruptions and existing homes being over leveraged with huge mortgages. Let’s face it, most people have huge mortgages on homes they can’t really afford to impress people they don’t even like. Housing market is way overvalued. Housing is going to come down 25-40% depending on where you live.

And yes, layoffs are coming. Everywhere.

Hope this helps, don’t buy anything. It’s all collapsing.

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Pay attention to the stock market and the supply chain disruptions.

The economy is crashing..... NOW. This is a global economic crash in progress.

By August we will be in a different world.

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Economy is going to crash in August 2020.

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