Thread regarding Cummins Inc. layoffs

For those with a STEM degree and are interested in changing careers after the layoff

Not sure if anyone would be interested, but just as a heads up, if anyone who was laid off has a STEM degree and is looking for a career change into teaching secondary education, University of Indianapolis has a stipend-backed option that would start in June and is fully funded. You earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and state licensure to teach Biology, Chemistry, or Math in just 1 year. It's full time, but applicants are eligible to apply for a $30,000 stipend which covers full tuition and a bit extra as a living stipend. You can also combine this with additional financial aid packages.

If you or someone you know might be interested in pursuing teaching, you can have them google: Teach(STEM)3 at UIndy

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Excellent way to help those of us that have been fired. Thank you!!!

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